The 08 Most Popular Advanced SEO Techniques

Normally, when we talk about SEO, we all know that titles, meta tags are important, that content is king and it is important to have a sitemap of a website or Blog.

Today we are going to talk about advanced SEO techniques. They won't make us get results overnight, but they are techniques that work, slowly but surely, and that certainly require work (like everything in this life). Somehow this article also complements the one we write about the new SEO Positioning.


1. Add Markup Wherever We Can

According to a Search metrics study, Schema markup is displayed in more than a third of all Google search results. Considering this huge preference for Schema on Google's results pages (SERPs), one would think that all websites would be implementing it massively. Well, the reality is that no: barely 0.3% of Internet domains are using the integration with

This represents a competitive advantage that we cannot ignore. If you don't know how to do it, you can always go to a professional SEO consultant.

2. Fully Optimize Images and Videos

Images and videos can improve a site's ability to engage users. But in addition, they can improve the positioning of the site, both in the Image Search and in the normal Search.

To optimize them we must take into account:
  • The image size must be appropriate to the resolution. The image file should be as small as possible to improve loading time.
  • Always include the 'alt' tag.
  • Name the image appropriately, using keywords.
  • Use quality images (you have to think about the users!).
  • Add to the image.

We must do the same with the videos.
Following these tips we will improve our positioning and we will add value to the user: we will increase our CTR, we will lower our bounce rate and we will increase the residence time; which in turn will lead to better positioning.

3. Create an Image Sitemap

Every professional knows the importance of HTML and XML sitemaps. Although few sites have an Image Sitemap, having one will help us a lot in positioning, especially in the search for images.

To create it, all we have to do is add extra information about the images in the XML Sitemap that we have. The information that we can add is:

4. Regularly Review Our Link Profile

Today Our link profile has a huge impact on our SEO. And keep in mind that we have limited control over which sites link to us or not. For example, we may be attack of a negative SEO.

The control that we can exercise over our link profile and that would be in 03 ways:

Monitor it. With a certain regularity that we set, review the sites that link us in Google Webmasters Tools. There are also few payment tools that do the same and warn us of possible risks.

Request the deletion of links from low-authority sites or spam sites. We would do this via emails to webmasters.

Submit a link disavow file to Google. This is a tool that must be used with caution because it could negatively affect our SEO.

5. Make the Site Safe

In the summer of 2014 Google declared that the HTTPS protocol is a positioning factor. Although for now its impact is marginal, it is to be expected that it will become more prominent over time. Security is very important for users, and therefore it is also for Google. Those who have the capacity to add encryption to their website or blog

The content of the info graphic is quite self-explanatory, although here are some of the most important points of it:-
  • Create good structure on your website by using friendly URLs and correct web architecture.  Increase the CTR of your pages using persuasive Meta Titles and Meta Description
  • Select the keywords you want to position and also use semantically related terms in your texts.
  • Try to make your website load as fast as possible
  • Check that your Robots.txt and Sitemap.xml files are well configured and error free
  • Avoid and fix duplicate content
  • Make your website responsive and user friendly
  • Create quality content that your users want to consume, share and come back for more.

6. Create URLs for Specific Keywords

Although Exact Match Domain (EMD) is a very old spam technique, Google still considers the URL a significant indication of the relevance of a page, and therefore a ranking factor.

That the reason if we want to ranking by a long-tail keyword, we can create a specific landing page that uses that keyword in the URL.

7. Use Our Target Keywords Throughout the Website

One of the least used SEO techniques is to use a target keyword on the entire website as a whole. Many SEO consultants mistakenly believe that they can rank for a given keyword by writing one or two articles (or pages) around that keyword, forgetting about its presence on the rest of the website.

Actually, Google prefers that the entire website "supports" the keyword and its semantic variations.

8. Optimize Our Brand Social Profiles

The Google Knowledge Graph is a significant aspect of positioning that we cannot ignore. Recently, Google started showing the social profiles of brands on the Knowledge Graph. We can use structured markup to specify these social profiles: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn.

Wherever we are with regard to SEO positioning, there are always more things to do. However, if we develop these advanced SEO positioning techniques, we will get a little closer to perfection and we will definitely succeed in outperforming our competitor’s.


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